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platinum AkKi

February 2014

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A personal spa day is what everyone seems to need. It did me absolute wonders! I started off with a steaming hot bath with lots of Epsom salts and soaked for a little while. It became more like a home made sauna with how hot the water was. After a good while I let the water drain out and turned the shower on. Living without a partner is a very sad thing indeed, but it's allowed me to pick up a couple of luxury items I normally couldn't afford. So, I scrubbed down with my all natural loofah and my LUSH brand organic Orange soap, then washed my face with LUSH Aquamarina (specially suited for Rosacea, which I have) and made sure to give my footsies some extra attention with an orange scented sugar scrub. I then turned my attentions top-ward, and washed my hair with my new Biolage shampoo for color treated hair and conditioned with Biosilk silk therapy conditioner that I modified with my own platinum toner (which I used Jerome Russell Funky Colors purple #1448). As I let that sit I shaved with a new shaving cream I picked up in a package deal that included the gel, razor, makeup case and travel deoderant. I don't normally use a shaving gel, so this was a special treat and it has a wonderful scent; Floral Passion. Finally, when I was done and dragged myself out of the shower, I towel dried my hair and topped it off with Roux white minx hair wash and a dab of Biosilk silk therapy shine. I got a tiny sample pot of LUSH 9-5 Cleansing Lotion a little while back; It has orchid and almond oils in it and it's probably the only thing I've ever used on my face that doesn't cause it to break out or react in some other horrible manner. At first, it feels mildly sticky on your face, so my first impression was a negative one, but after 40 or so seconds it dries and leaves your skin SOOooo soft and smooooth. Love love love it. For the rest of my body I used Malibu hemp moisturizer to keep my skin conditioned. After allllll of this my bathroom and I smelled super awesome and I felt destressed and rejuvenated. So, that's why girls spend so much on products, because they need a ton of them, and the good ones (which there is a major difference from cheap to good quality product) cost a pretty penny. To be quite frank though, it is WELL worth it!